General Dentistry

There’s nothing quite like receiving a clean bill of health. We love it when our patients leave us with strong, healthy, spotlessly clean, pain-free teeth that require no further treatment. It makes us very proud. Our patients can feel very pleased with themselves too because it shows they are doing an excellent job between appointments.

Healthy smiles don’t happen by chance – they require work. Our tailored approach is entirely centred on you and our customer care is second to none. Our bespoke service determines your needs, aspirations, general health and any weak spots and we will then work with you to ensure that you can look your best and enjoy being healthy.

We will take care of your health and smile in a gentle, individual way. Highfield Dental Care in Southampton offers a broad range of treatments including essential general dentistry, hygiene therapy, dental implants and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

Your new patient consultation

This extended appointment allows your dentist, Slavek, all the time he needs to thoroughly and meticulously examine your mouth, teeth and gums. It also provides ample opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to find out all about the welcoming team at Highfield Dental Care in Southampton.

Your initial assessment includes a mouth cancer screening for added peace of mind, and a video tour of your mouth via an intra-oral camera. Our patients find these tours provide a fascinating, educational insight. When you see and understand what leads to a healthy mouth and causes a breakdown in health you are much better informed about how to manage it and why your dentist recommends certain treatment.

We usually recommend that you visit your dentist for a very thorough examination once or twice a year (based on your dental health needs), interspersed with regular hygiene therapy sessions for on-going care and maintenance. Our focus helps create an optimal healthy environment and then, when your mouth is dentally fit, you can take full advantage of Slavek’s superb skills to improve or completely reinvent your smile.

Health & hygiene

Our hygienist, Annette, is specially trained in looking after the health of your teeth and gums. Hygienists work alongside dentists and are best placed to regularly remove stains and bacteria; hard plaque and tartar from every surface of every tooth – including from hard to reach ‘pockets’ under the gum. They also work with patients to enhance their skills in preventing gum disease and decay every day at home.

New patients visit us for an initial hygiene appointment and there is a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks later which includes a review of how you are getting on with your new dental health regime. The frequency of your appointments after this depends on how your gum health stabilises or improves and how well you can control plaque and the damage it does at home. We also offer appointments for people who want to see the hygienist without seeing a dentist or registering with the practice.

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