Dental Inlays

What is an Inlay?

An Inlay is a way of repairing and adding strength to a tooth which has a fracture or a significant amount of damage or decay.  Although a Composite Restoration (white filling) is a great way to repair a tooth which has a small amount of decay, sometimes a tooth needs something a bit more, and an Inlay would be the perfect solution.  As we believe that it is best to keep as much of the tooth as possible, an Inlay would be preferable to a Dental Crown, in order to prevent unnecessary removal of otherwise healthy tooth structure.

Your Inlay will be made out of porcelain, which is strong, long-lasting and does not stain.  We will ensure that the colour of your Inlay is carefully matched to your own tooth so that it looks natural.  Your repaired tooth will look, feel and function as if was still in its original perfect condition, and leave you smiling.

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