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Dental Fees

We offer a range of Highfield Dental Care Memberships should you prefer to budget for your dental care. Membership helps to spread the cost of your essential dental care. Research has found that people on a monthly membership are more likely to enjoy better dental health because they visit the dentist and hygienist more frequently, which helps to catch problems early. Highfield Dental Care Membership starts from just £9.50 per month.

TreatmentMember PricesNon-Member Prices

New Patient Examination

During this appointment we will discuss with you what you want from dental care, as well as assessing your oral and dental health. The examination includes a thorough assessment of your gums, teeth, the jaw bone and joint, and a mouth cancer screening. Also included is a video tour of your mouth and any x-rays required. We will advise on any treatment necessary and measures to preserve or improve your dental health. We will also discuss treatments to improve appearance. Included in the price is a written treatment plan estimate.


Routine Dental Health Check

This appointment will be to re-assess your dental and oral health on a regular basis and screen for oral cancer. The cost includes a written treatment plan estimate if treatment is recommended.

adult: Free
child (0-4): Free
child (5-12): Free
child (13-18): Free
adult: £59
child (0-4): *Free
child (5-12): £26
child (13-18): £36

Hygiene Therapy

This treatment is to help you attain very good oral and dental health and will help prevent gum disease as well as controlling the factors which will cause tooth decay. We will also remove any hard plaque (calculus) and staining as required.

per 30 mins
per 30 mins

Bonded Composite Restorations

We only use composite material, which is tooth coloured and non-metallic. The advantage of using composite to restore a tooth is that it is strong, hard wearing and blends in with the natural tooth colour. Using composite is also less invasive than using other dental materials such as amalgam.

£90 – £405£100 – £450

Same-Day Veneers

As for bonded composite restorations, we use a cosmetic composite material to achieve the same results as a more invasive porcelain veneer or crown, and all in one appointment!


Porcelain Inlays

For larger restorations, or for teeth which are extensively damaged or broken, this is a less invasive solution than a crown.



We offer a range of bespoke crowns in a variety of materials to provide you with the best solution for teeth which appear beyond repair.



Whether you are looking for a new or replacement denture, we can provide you with life-like bespoke full or parture dentures which are made from a choice of materials depending on your needs.

from: £855from: £950


If you have a special occasion coming up, or you have just always wanted a whiter brighter smile, we have a number of ways of achieving this, involving both time in the surgery and/or a home whitening kit, which will take account of your lifestyle and the results you would like to achieve.

from: £350from: £350

Six Month Smiles Braces

Achieve the straighter smile you have always dreamed of in as little as six months, wearing almost invisible braces. With white wires and tooth coloured brackets, this is an affordable yet discreet solution. The cost includes both your upper and lower teeth.


Root Canal Treatment

This treatment is used to save a tooth which would ultimately have to be extracted if the nerve is damaged .

from: £382from: £425

Gum Shields/Sports Guards

We can provide various options whether you require a mouthguard for sport or you grind your teeth in your sleep.



The ultimate solution for replacement of a missing tooth or teeth. The price includes a crown on the implant.

one: £2,500
two: £4,600
one: £2,500
two: £4,600

*Free for children of patients of the practice.

We accept all major credit/debit cards (excluding Amex) and cash. We also offer various different finance options including 0% over 10 months and interest bearing over 2 or 3 years.

Finance is available to UK residents aged 18 or over. Credit subject to status.

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