Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Sometimes a badly damaged, or unhealthy tooth can become infected around the root and the nerve, which can lead to pain, an abscess (or swelling) and ultimately the loss of the tooth and bone damage.  A course of antibiotics can be given to treat pain and swelling in the short term, but this will not deal with the source of infection.  We believe that it is best to keep your own teeth wherever possible and we would therefore recommend Root Canal Treatment in order to remove infection and prevent unnecessary loss of the affected tooth.

Once we have carried out the treatment, and removed all of the infection, the tooth will be sealed in order to protect the tooth and restore a natural appearance.  We will do this using either a cosmetic tooth coloured Composite Restoration (white filling), or a Porcelain restoration (an Inlay or a Dental Crown).

Will it hurt?

We always take our time to ensure your tooth is completely numb before we carry out any treatment on it.  We use a numbing gel on your gum, before we give you a small injection of a local anaesthetic.  This way, you won’t even feel the injection.  The local anaesthetic we use can be topped up during the treatment and you should not feel any pain.  We are also very experienced in helping nervous patients and will always do our best to put you at your ease and keep you as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Will I need to see a Specialist?

We are able to carry out most routine Root Canal Treatment.  However, occasionally we will diagnose a more complex case, where we feel it more appropriate to refer you to a local specialist in order to give you the best possible outcome.

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