Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for a simple, effective and long lasting way to boost your smile, teeth whitening is ideal. But be aware that all teeth whitening systems are not the same. Slavek has a keen interest in teeth whitening and undertook a lengthy period of research and training for his patients. We use Enlighten, a system that is widely considered to be one of the best on the market and its new tooth serum repairs enamel, reduces sensitivity and whitens teeth at the same time.

As with all aspects of dentistry at Highfield Dental Care, our very tailored approach aims to achieve the optimum outcome for each of our patients. Following an assessment, your treatment may include a combination of whitening at home and in surgery to ensure you enjoy the best results.

In-surgery teeth whitening uses light activated technology to lighten teeth more quickly. Teeth can lose their sparkle for various reasons including staining from smoking, coffee or red wine, ageing, certain medications or trauma. This highly effective treatment eliminates unsightly discoloration and is also perfect for busy patients as it can be delivered in under two hours.

Gums and lips are protected and the lightening gel applied to teeth. A special light is then used to speed up the lightening process which takes place in stages. At each stage, the gel is removed and teeth cleaned so the level of whiteness can be carefully monitored.

Combination whitening uses both home whitening (with mouth trays and lightening gel) and an in-surgery procedure.



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