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Dental Patient Testimonials

I am currently going through a period of dental treatment to straighten, then whiten and finally add new veneers to my front teeth.

Throughout this entire process (now 6 months) – I have been treated with great care – any worries I had about the discomfort of having a brace and the fitting of it was well and truly extinguished by a clearly very skilled dentist.

Slavek’s entire team, provide excellent personal attention and care, I cannot imagine ever using an alternate dentist.

Whilst my treatment isn’t yet finished (nearly), it is clear that amazing progress has been made.

Thanks, and look forward to the final adjustment !!!

Mr Harris

I have complete confidence in Slavek and his team. they know exactly what they’re doing. Today we finished a long and complicated treatment to replace my four missing upper teeth. Slavek explored what options were possible for me very professionally, and explained everything clearly. Once we’d decided on the treatment, I could just lie back and relax in that comfortable chair through long appointments, knowing I was in safe hands. Now I’m a happy chewer, with permanent replacement teeth that are a perfect fit and colour match. And, to reassure anyone with dentistry phobia, all those procedures, both during and after, were totally free from pain.Gillian Taylor

The Highfield Team gave me back my smile, after a dying, yellow tooth, was chipped and not responding to any other treatment. I highly recommend the practice, I felt very well looked after and the quality of the end product is amazing. Many thanks to you all.Fiona

I went in to see if I could resolve a problem I had with a dying tooth which was chipped and not responding to any other treatment.I was given excellent advice on what were my options not only with my problem tooth, but also with cosmetic problems faced with my other teeth.A course of treatment was drawn up with both the oral hygienist and Dentist which I have now completed with excellent results.A big thank you to the Dentist, oral hygienist and staff at the practice not only for the friendly and professional manner in which my problem was resolved.

But also with the optional payment scheme and now can smile with confidence.

Private Patient

I rejoined Highfield Dental Care after leaving for a couple of years following retirement of my old dentist. I rejoined initially for the dental hygienist who is excellent as my NHS dentist did not have a hygienist. Whilst here I enquired about cosmetic dentistry as I had been considering it but had not found anyone recommended. Slaveck Spent a lot of time gently discussing and answering my questions so I decided to go for it. I am now approaching end of treatment, 8 months, and every visit has been exemplary, Slaveck is patient, kind, gentle, meticulous, thorough and professional. I am very pleased with the results. He also offers a good range of payment options making treatment affordable. I have decided that I am going to change to this practice for my general dentistry needs as well once my treatment has finished as I actually enjoy coming.J Goodman

This practice is very well run. The staff are organised, friendly and very professional. There was a set protocol to my examination which the dentist explained thoroughly and followed closely. I feel confident that he found all that was wrong with my dental health. L Crowley

Very professional and highly qualified dentist. My treatment is ongoing but so far the results are amazing. I am always sent a letter telling me the cost and why. I am very relaxed when visiting the dentist and am always greeted with smiles. The waiting room is lovely and comfortable, overlooking a lovely garden and magazines are up to date and tidy. I cannot praise the staff at Highfield Dental Care enough, they are all highly professional. J Pearce

Following traumatic dental experiences as a child I stopped visiting a dentist at 16, at 43 I broke a tooth which I ignored until the pain became unbearable. I attended Highfield Dental Care and as a result of their patience and and care , I underwent a root canal procedure. I subsequently had a new filling and replaced two fillings put in at age 15. I no longer have a phobia of dentistry. Mr Marshall

I am very satisfied with the care and attention I receive from everyone at Highfield Dental Care. E Gorely

The treatment at Highfield Dental Care was very well done, it was professional and I felt comfortable at all times. The use of additional equipment to help with the tooth alteration was very good. K Heathcote

I always feel welcome at Highfield Dental Care and have always felt happy with the results of my treatment.
R Parrell

I am very happy with the level of care and quality of treatment at Highfield Dental Care. I have always felt that I can trust decisions that are made about my dental care and would definitely recommend them to friends and family. J Oborn

Highfield Dental Care is a very caring dentist. F Dooley

All is fine regarding my care at Highfield Dental Care, I am grateful for the reminders for my appointments. K Baker

The hygienist at Highfield Dental Care seems knowledgeable about my cancer and gives me confidence that she know what she was doing. J Simpson

Very helpful and friendly team. A joy to visit the dentist! Sophie

On the rare occasion that I needed to see the dentist urgently, this was dealt with promptly and effectively. Annual dental check up also very thorough and introduction of new traffic lights system helps one to feel more involved and responsible. R Duke

Everyone you come into contact with at Highfield Dental Care is friendly and professional. R Mulcahy

The team at Highfield Dental Care are very caring and competent. They treat my 95 year old mother with the utmost respect and dignity. Fully informed about all care and treatment, and you are given options. They are cheerful with a sense of humour, good timing, reminders and excellent care. Mary Gobbi

I have been with Highfield Dental Care since 1996 and have always been very happy with my treatment. The staff are always courteous and helpful. K Trendell

So far I have no problems with Highfield dental Care, they are kind and caring, so very good to me.S Phillips

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