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Why should you bother replacing a missing tooth?

74% of all adults have had one or more teeth extracted. Tooth removal might be due to extensive decay, a severe crack or breakage or from issues with the gums causing a tooth to be uncomfortably loose. Let me ask you, would you buy a piano with one or more of the keys missing… no? […]

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Let’s talk about bacteria

Valentines day. A day for love. A day for romance. A day for kissing! Everyone loves a kiss, but something we need to remember when we’re sharing saliva with another human being (especially one that you may not know very well) is that your mouth..well EVERYONES mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. A lot […]


Quit smoking, keep smiling!

Recently I’ve had a few patients come in who are or have been heavy smokers, and when I asked about their intentions of quitting, their response has been “oh, well I did quit once but when I did my gums started bleeding every time I brushed and I had a strange taste and my mouth […]

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Being a Polish dentist in the UK

As the number of Poles living in Britain passed one million for the first time last week, yet immigration from Eastern Europe’s at a record low since Poland joined the EU in 2004, we wanted to look behind the statistics. So we asked a client what life is really like for a Polish dentist living […]

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Implants – the next best alternative to a missing or very damaged tooth

It’s nothing to be afraid of! We may look serious (or silly!) in our fancy blue get-up, but we can assure you that it’s a procedure that we do often and many people are very surprised with how easy it is. We want to provide you with the best possible care and attention when placing […]