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Slavek explains dental implants


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Meet our Treatment Coordinator

We believe in minimally invasive dentistry, which means restoring teeth to their natural state with as little damage to their different tissues as possible. To do this we apply the latest technology to mimic natural mechanics, known as the biomimetic principle.

For instance, we rebuild damaged teeth as they are constructed naturally, in layers, and we emphasise that for a missing tooth, a dental implant is the best solution in terms of how it supports the rest of your oral health — just like a healthy natural tooth.

Our range of treatments often complement each other, for instance teeth straightening can go very well with veneers and teeth whitening, for a full mouth makeover. Being able to see the same team for all your needs makes these sorts of life-changing transformations run smoother and quicker at Highfield, so you’ll get to enjoy the new you even sooner.

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