We have seen so many people go from being unable to undergo any form of treatment or check up, to now feeling comfortable with the use of safe, gentle sedation.

Dentistry doesn’t have to be scary, but fear of the dentist’s chair affects lots of people. Many endure toothache, avoid certain food and lose the confidence to smile because they are just too anxious to take a trip to the dentist. We understand what it feels like to be worried about getting the treatment and care you deserve, so we have designed a patient experience to help people just like you.

We want you to be able to relax and feel comfortable, and everything from the friendly staff to the interior décor and complimentary drinks, have been put in place to that end. To us, you’re not just another dental case, you’re a human being, and we take your feelings seriously. One support option we offer is safe, gentle sedation which helps to ease the anxieties and fears of worried patients. With sedation you are awake and responsive during the appointment, but will remember very little.

If you feel that sedation could be a helpful solution for you, your dentist will assess your suitability, taking into account factors such as your age, weight and any other medical conditions. If you both feel sedation is a suitable solution, it will be important to have someone who can help you get home after your treatment, as you will not be safe to drive, and keep an eye on you for some time afterwards, as you are likely to be drowsy.

We have seen some fantastic transformations in the dental phobic people who come into see us, and who put their trust in us to take the very best care with their dental health. By offering safe sedation we have seen so many people go from being unable to undergo any form of treatment, to now feeling comfortable.

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