Implants – the next best alternative to a missing or very damaged tooth

It’s nothing to be afraid of! We may look serious (or silly!) in our fancy blue get-up, but we can assure you that it’s a procedure that we do often and many people are very surprised with how easy it is.

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We want to provide you with the best possible care and attention when placing an implant, hence the fancy gowns and hats (the patient also gets their own special hat and gown).

Although we treat every dental treatment with the utmost cleanliness and protection, we take special measures during implant placement to give you the best possible result.

Many people might think that an implant is painful, a lot of fuss, a lot of healing time, or that they’ve lived with a gap for so long they just “don’t see the point” of going through it.

Well let me put to rest some of those worries.

1.We don’t use the word “painful” here, at worst you might have some discomfort following the treatment, we provide you with a cold pack and some painkillers if you should need them (though many of our patients tell us that they don’t!).

2.The treatment itself (dependant on the case and number of implants being placed) can take as little as a couple of hours.
We like to give ourselves more than enough time to make sure that you’re comfortable and can rest as often as you like during the procedure.

3.Following the treatment, we leave the site to heal for a few months, dependant on the case we will either leave the implant completely under the gum, or place a healing cap above the gum.(this is the round metal cap you can see in the photos, quite discreet and unobtrusive)

4. When you return it’s just a case of checking that everything has healed nicely, taking an impression and sending this to the lab to make your lovely new tooth or teeth!

5. About 3 weeks later you return and we fit the new crown to your implant. Easy as that.

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Nothing is better than keeping your own teeth, but implants really are the next best alternative to a missing or very damaged tooth.

This information is still quite general however, so if you wish to know any information that would be more specific to your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Get in touch to book a free of charge consultation with our Treatment Coordinator Alex (she’s the lady in blue). 023 8098 2608