Orthodontics in Southampton

Our range of orthodontic treatments mean that everyone can have the confidence to show off a beautiful straight smile.

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Our orthodontics explained


Discreet fixed braces


A patient's experience

Teeth Straightening in Southampton

We always take the time to listen to our patients, to find out what is really on your mind. One issue that comes up over and over again is the wish to have a straighter smile, but worries about how this might affect their social life and work. Many people don’t realise that developments in dental techniques now mean there are some incredibly discreet options available, and that teeth straightening is not just for teenagers.

Our range of orthodontic braces and aligners treatments mean that everyone can have the confidence to show off a beautiful straight smile. They can also be used to improve bite position and the way teeth function, which can help to prevent headaches and damage to the jaw and neck muscles. Straighter teeth can help prevent irreversible loss of enamel, so teeth are stronger for longer and many people find they are much easier to keep clean.

Both adults and our younger patients can benefit from teeth straightening. If you are considering orthodontic work, our experienced dentist will take the time to fully assess your teeth and mouth, answering any questions you may have and explaining the treatment process in detail. They will then work with you to build a personalised care plan, either for yourself or for your child.

We will be able to offer a range of options, all carried out here by the same team, so you can enjoy a faster, smoother experience. We want to understand more than just your clinical needs, so your emotional and financial concerns will be taken into account when making recommendations.

Orthodontics Treatments in Southampton

Options could include traditional fixed braces, which many people are familiar with as they attach to the front of the teeth, using a variety of materials. Developments in dental technology mean that more subtle, but equally as effective treatments also exist, such as Invisalign clear retainers, which sit over the teeth but are incredibly hard to see, or invisible braces which are hidden by being fixed to the back of the teeth.

Our assessment process can include showing you photos of other patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment, so you can see the braces in place to help you understand just how discreet some of the options are, and the end results. Whatever your age, you no longer have to be embarrassed by an uneven smile – our clinicians are ready to help you begin your journey towards your perfect smile.

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