Invisible Braces

Patients often don’t realise that there are now several, virtually invisible orthodontic options available.

A report by the Oral Health Foundation found that 48% of the adult population are unhappy with their teeth, with many reporting that they would love to have a straighter smile. However, listening to our patients, we know that for many people work and social commitments mean that they can be reluctant to consider treatments which might negatively impact on their life.

What patients often don’t realise is that orthodontic treatments have come an incredibly long way, and there are now several virtually invisible options available. One of these options is Invisalign clear aligners, which are bespoke trays made to snugly fit over your teeth to gently bring them into alignment.

If you are considering straightening your teeth, your dentist will begin by carefully examining your mouth so they can make a recommendation based on your individual circumstances. For us there’s more to you than your clinical needs. We want to look after the emotional you and the financial you too. We will take all these factors into account and answer any questions you have so you can make an informed decision.

It will be important to take care to maintain excellent oral health during your straightening treatment. Cleaning your teeth after every meal will help prevent plaque build up, and if you chose Invisalign aligners you will be able to remove them to clean your teeth. Regular visits to see our dental hygienists will also help you get the best long term results so you can enjoy your new, straight smile.

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