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Composite bonding

Composite restoration can offer a fantastic alternative to some other cosmetic dentistry treatments as, in keeping with our minimally invasive approach, there will be no damage to the teeth.

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Composite bonding at a glance


Enhance your smile

Composite bonding allows you to leave our practice with a smile makeover in just one day


Minimally invasive treatment

No healthy tooth structure will be removed during your composite bonding treatment


Pain-free treatment

Your treatment will be very comfortable – no anaesthetic will be required


Your dream smile

Composite bonding is ideal for perfecting stubborn stains, chipped teeth, and gaps in your smile

Daily life can take a huge toll on the appearance of our smile.

Staining can build up, and the acidic nature of some of our favourite foods and drinks can lead to tooth damage and decay.

At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic, our patients can find a solution to this incredibly common problem, and find the confidence to show off their smile once more, with a careful restoration of their teeth at the hands of our skilled team.

A healthy approach

We always take a minimally invasive approach to dentistry, meaning that we do as little damage as possible to tissues in order to return teeth to their natural state.

Our dentists are incredibly experienced at composite restorations, also known as composite bonding or composite artistic restorations/bonding. This technique allows them to dramatically improve the appearance of teeth without affecting their health and strength.

You will have plenty of time to ask any questions you may have, as it is incredibly important to the Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic team that your emotional and financial wellbeing is supported, as well as your clinical needs.

Six Month Smiles, Composite bonding & Dental implants

I can honestly tell you it feels like I never had anything done.

How composite bonding works

Composite bonding treatment is carried out in just one appointment, but prior to the treatment, we will carry out a full consultation so that we can gain an understanding of your smile goals.

If you decide to go ahead with composite bonding, your dentist will carefully sculpt and rebuild your teeth using an incredibly strong and aesthetic dental material. Their work will be based on the original tooth, and the rest of the teeth in the mouth and jaw, to ensure it looks and feels natural.

On the day of your appointment, we will begin by cleaning the area to be treated and applying a gel that roughens the surface to allow the new material to stick. Tooth-coloured dental material that matches your natural tooth shade will be applied in layers and artistically sculpted to create the desired shape. The final layer will be polished to look exactly like natural tooth structure and will feel completely smooth.

Our patients love composite bonding treatment because it takes place in a single appointment, offering a smile makeover in just one day.

Why choose composite bonding?

Composite restoration can offer a fantastic alternative to some other cosmetic dentistry treatments as, in keeping with our minimally invasive approach, there will be no damage to the teeth.

The treatment can be used for a variety of patients looking to achieve a natural smile they can be proud of, including those wishing to close gaps or change the shape of the teeth (by making them longer or wider).

Our clinicians have also used their excellent artistic composite bonding skills to help patients who are looking to make their teeth whiter and brighter, to create less invasive crowns, bridges and veneers, and to bring new life to teeth that have experienced natural wear and tear. We are happy to accept referrals from other practices if they are not able to offer these gentle, effective restoration treatments.

Composite bonding: Frequently asked questions

How long does composite bonding last?

With proper care and maintenance, we expect composite bonding treatment to last around five years before it needs replacing. Your dental and hygiene team will provide advice on how to care for your new restorations for a long lasting smile.

Will composite bonding whiten my teeth?

Only natural tooth structure can be whitened with teeth whitening gel. Your composite restorations cannot be whitened so it is important to choose the right shade from the outset. Many patients would like whiter teeth, which is why a course of teeth whitening treatment is often recommended prior to composite bonding treatment. Once you have achieved your desired shade with teeth whitening, we can match your composite bonding shade to your natural teeth.

Do my teeth need to be straight before composite bonding?

Composite bonding can be used to mask minor misalignment so it is not always necessary to have perfectly straight teeth prior to treatment. However, every case is different and in some cases, teeth straightening treatment may be recommended first. We can discuss all treatment options during your initial consultation.

Does composite bonding look natural?

Yes. At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing highly aesthetic composite bonding treatment that looks exceptionally natural and extremely beautiful.

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