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Fixed braces

Fixed braces are designed to apply gentle, continuous pressure to the teeth, slowly moving them into a specific position.

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Great service - Highly skilled practice, with a good attention to detail and make each visit a pleasure. Thank you.

Simon Lewis

Fixed braces at a glance


Tried and trusted

Fixed braces allow patients to benefit from smile straightening techniques that work, combined with new materials that are more comfortable and discreet


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We know you trust us to provide the best, which is why our fixed braces are of the highest quality for exceptional results


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The Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic team will provide you with high quality care all delivered under one roof

Discreet braces

When talking about teeth straightening many of our adult patients will instantly think back to their school days and of pupils who had large, metal braces attached to their teeth.

What many people don’t realise is that developments in dental technology mean that modern fixed braces are smaller and less noticeable.

New materials, such as enhanced ceramics, offer modern fixed braces that are a much more discreet option than they used to be.

How do fixed braces work?

Fixed braces are designed to apply gentle, continuous pressure to the teeth over 18-36 months, slowly moving your teeth into a specific position.

Brackets are fixed to each individual tooth, and connected by a wire, usually fixed in place with a tiny elastic band. This wire is then tightened over time by your dentist to achieve the desired results, aligning and straightening the teeth.

One of the benefits of fixed braces is the fact that they cannot be removed until the end of your treatment. This ensures compliance at all times as there is no temptation to take out your braces, which is often the case with Invisalign. For this reason, we are able to provide much more accurate timescales for treatment.

If you are uncomfortable about the positioning of your teeth and the appearance of your smile, our experienced dentists will take the time to fully assess your mouth and teeth, discussing the most suitable orthodontic options and answering any questions you may have. You will have plenty of time to make a considered, informed decision, with no rush or pressure.

Looking after your teeth with fixed braces

If you decide to go ahead with fixed braces, we will help you to understand the importance of excellent oral hygiene while the braces are in place.

Plaque can easily build up on the teeth around the brackets if they are not carefully cleaned after every meal.

As plaque is a breeding ground for bacteria which attacks the teeth, extra vigilance is extremely important, as it will help to reduce the chances of damage or staining. Regular hygiene therapy appointments will be particularly helpful to get a thorough deep clean.

You will need to come in to see your dentist regularly once your braces are fitted, so they can monitor your progress, making adjustments and tightening wire where necessary. Once you are both satisfied that you have reached the optimum positioning, the fixed braces will be gently removed so you or your child can enjoy the confidence of a new, straight smile.

Really good and very personable team who are all fantastic with the kids too.

Emma Hawthorne

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