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What is dental fear?

If you suffer with dental anxiety, you are not alone.

A fear of the dentist is very common, and actually prevents around 25% of the population from visiting the dentist. At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic we are dedicated to helping nervous patients to overcome their fears and receive the treatment they want or need. 

Reasons for dental fear

There are many reasons why people feel fear around dental appointments, here are just a few of the most common ones:

  • A painful or difficult past experience at the dentist

  • Scared of pain or discomfort

  • Worried about being ‘told off’ by the dentist or hygienist

  • Uncomfortable in unfamiliar surroundings

  • A parent who had dental fear, causing an ‘inherited’ or ‘learned’ anxiety

Along with the differing reasons for suffering with dental anxiety, there are also varying levels of fear.

At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic, we are faced with various levels of dental fear almost every day. Some people are so phobic that they cannot even enter a dental practice. Others may not suffer as badly but still find dental appointments unenjoyable and delay their routine dental care.

However dental anxiety affects you, we have lots of tips and tricks to help.

You're not alone

When we’re nervous or anxious about something, it can feel like we’re the only one who feels this way. When it comes to worry or fear of visiting the dentist, the first thing we’ll say is you’re absolutely not alone. It is incredibly common for people to feel apprehensive about receiving dental care, but you don’t have to endure a lifetime of suffering in silence. We have lots of ways to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable about getting the care and attention you need.

Pop in!

Supporting anxious patients starts with our treatment coordinators and nurses. If you’re feeling nervous about even booking an appointment, they are here to have an informal chat about whatever is on your mind. You are welcome just to pop in to the practice, where we will make you a drink and take the time to talk with you in a non-clinical environment – we could even step into the garden if the weather is mild.


There will be absolutely no pressure for you to see a dentist until you feel ready. At that point, our experienced dentists will be careful to only go at a pace that suits you. We always use a numbing gel before any injections, we stop during treatment to make sure that you are comfortable, and before any treatment begins we agree a way you can stop us if you want to have a break during treatment. We can also provide options such as safe, gentle sedation to help you feel more comfortable.

Stress-free and supported

We have supported lots of patients who struggled to even sit in the dentist’s chair initially, but now are able to relax and receive the dental treatments they need for a healthy mouth and confident smile. You don’t have to suffer in silence, our team are ready and waiting to help you reduce the stress and worry you currently feel about visiting the dentist.

My visits to Highfield Dental and Facial Clinic have been very positive. All the staff are friendly and professional. I feel safe and 'listened to' when I am sat in the dentist chair. Treatment and costings are fully explained. Thank you Team.

Julie Cullen

Dental sedation

One support option we offer is safe, gentle sedation, which helps to ease the anxieties and fears of worried patients.

With sedation you are awake and responsive during the appointment, but will remember very little.

If you feel that sedation could be a helpful solution for you, your dentist will assess your suitability, taking into account factors such as your age, weight and any other medical conditions. If you both feel sedation is a suitable solution, it will be important to have someone who can help you get home after your treatment, as you will not be safe to drive, and keep an eye on you for some time afterwards, as you are likely to be drowsy.

We have seen some fantastic transformations in the dental phobic people who come into see us, and who put their trust in us to take the very best care with their dental health. By offering safe sedation we have seen so many people go from being unable to undergo any form of treatment, to now feeling comfortable.

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