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Cutting-edge dental technology

Committed to staying up-to-date on the latest technology for your treatment.

Providing you with the very best dental care with 3D and CBCT scanning.

Delivering exceptional patient care means everything to us at Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic. Our ongoing investment in the latest high-end and digital technology enables us to deliver the best dental care possible, safely, accurately and while maximising your comfort.

Your Southampton dentist makes providing first-class dental treatment and a positive experience our priority. Our 3D intra-oral and CBCT scanners enable our team of dentists to advance your treatment, by going digital.

Quick and comfortable dental imaging with CBCT

We are one of the few UK dentists to use a CBCT scanner. That’s cutting-edge digital technology that makes your dental treatment faster and safer while ensuring a high level of accuracy.

Cone Beam CT scanning, or CBCT, is a completely non-invasive, super-fast dental X-ray imaging technology that helps your dentist accurately plan your treatment. Giving a more detailed impression of your mouth than a normal x-ray, this specialist 3D scanner allows for a complete evaluation of your teeth, bone, and soft tissue. This makes it particularly helpful for planning detailed dental procedures, including implants, root canals and extractions.

The benefits of CBCT for our patients


CBCT scanners use a lower dose of radiation than conventional CT scanners, with no radiation remaining in the body after the scan.


CBCT scanning is comfortable - in less than a minute, about 200 images are captured from a variety of angles. The data captured is used to reconstruct an extremely accurate 3D image.


The super high resolution scan enables your dentist to measure your dentition and jaw bone from every angle. The scanner allows us to visualise anatomy that can’t be diagnosed externally, or with traditional 2D x-rays. By seeing critical structures like nerves, roots and bone density, we can ensure heightened precision and accuracy, for even the most complex of dental procedures.

(Throughout) the whole process I was made to feel comfortable and treated with care, the facilities are modern and clean, I can't recommend enough!

Ryan short

Minimally-invasive 3D intra-oral scanning

Our 3D intra-oral scanner helps us deliver a better experience, and better results for our patients.

A small, smooth hand-held wand creates a digital impression of the inside of your mouth. It takes just a few seconds to create a detailed 3D image of your dentition, enabling your dentist to assess your oral health and accurately plan any treatment.

The benefits of 3D dental scanning for our patients


The 3D scanning process is quick and maximised patient comfort. The digital scan takes away the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional impressions and keeps time spent in the dentist chair to a minimum.


Digital impressions leave less room for distortion than traditional dental imagery, for greater accuracy.


By using the most advanced 3D imaging technologies, the exact shape and contours of your teeth can be captured. This enables your dentist to plan accurate and appropriate treatment.


You can see what your dentist sees. Seeing a 3D view of your mouth is quite something, and it helps us to give you as much information as possible when discussing your treatment options. We believe that the more informed you are, the more confident you will be about your treatment.

3D dental scanning is the start of your journey to perfectly fitting teeth, bridges, or implants

Our mission at Highfield Dental and Facial Clinic in Southampton is to always be at the forefront of delivering world class patient care. Dental technology never stands still and neither do we, with continued investment in further specialist equipment to come in the near future.

Learn more about 3D x-rays and CBCT scanning, by booking an appointment at our Southampton clinic.

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