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Care for the whole family

We know the health of your whole family is important, which is why we are happy to welcome younger patients to the practice. Working closely with families and patients of all ages means we can help everyone get a great understanding of the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth, which helps to prevent problems in the future.

When children come in to see us, we always take the time to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. They can have appointments with either our dentists, for check-ups or other treatments, or our Hygiene Therapists for treatments, cleaning and support with their oral health.


Our team will be able to provide help and guidance to you as a parent or guardian, and to your child, about the right techniques and habits to follow at home. We are also happy to accept referrals from other practices so we can support young patients from other areas.

The magic of the Tooth Fairy

Besides the traditional stickers that accompany a trip to the dentist, we have also found a letter from a Tooth Fairy at our practice for young patients who have bravely undergone a longer or more in-depth treatment.

Tooth Fairy

Parents are also welcome to bring their child along to their own appointments as required.

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