Implants to Stabilise Dentures or Bridges

Using dental implants to secure dentures or bridges, Slavek is able to halt the shrinking of the jaw, secure the replacement teeth and support the other teeth in the mouth.

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The traditional dental solution for lost teeth is a denture or bridge, which can both function well and look good. However, the lack of roots where the teeth are missing means that the jaw bone gradually shrinks, affecting the fit of the bridge or denture and ageing the face as the cheeks hollow out and the chin recedes.

Our experienced dentists are able to offer a fantastic solution for patients who wish to prevent loss of their jaw bone, and solidly fix their denture or bridge. By using dental implants they are able to halt the shrinking of the jaw, and support the other teeth in the mouth. Many patients also find their dentures fit and function better, boosting confidence and allowing you to enjoy all the foods you love once more.

If you decide to go ahead, Slavek will begin by administering a local anaesthetic, as he always wants to make sure you are completely comfortable at all times. A small titanium post is then placed into the jaw at the site of the missing tooth. This will act as the secure ‘root’ for the denture or bridge. The area is then stitched up so the jaw bone is able to fully bind to the implant and hold it firm.

At a later appointment, when the implant is healed, your bespoke bridge or denture is securely attached to the titanium ‘root’, giving you a strong, comfortable solution to your missing teeth.

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