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Digital oral health check

Capture a picture of your dental health with digital technology during a comprehensive check-up, to maintain healthy teeth and gums for the long-term.

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Cost of a digital oral health check-up

  • £110

Since attending this practice the condition of my gums and teeth have improved thanks to the advice and treatment offered.

Darryl Sherborne

Oral health check at a glance


Preventative approach

Reinforcing good oral hygiene habits and detecting problems early can simplify treatment and avoid more complex procedures.


Cutting-edge technology

Comfortable and more accurate treatment for our patients using the latest precision equipment.


Taking care of you

Make your oral well-being a priority with healthy teeth and gums that are vital to your general health.


A team you can trust

Our highly skilled dental professionals are passionate about delivering the highest quality dental care.

The importance of a comprehensive dental check

A confident smile starts with a quality oral health check.

At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic, we're big believers in preventing dental problems before they even start. An oral health check enables your dentist to check every aspect of your oral health in relation to your general health, including your teeth, mouth, and gums.

Using the latest digital technology we can look for signs of tooth decay, the health of your tooth structure, worn restorations, and any early signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Taking digital X-rays and 3D scans enables your dentist to give an accurate diagnosis and put together a personalised treatment plan to help you enjoy a healthy smile for the long-term.

We recommend that most patients visit us every six months for an appointment, so your dentist can assess the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Your 14-step check at Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic

Here is what you can expect when you visit our Southampton practice for your digital oral health check.


A complimentary initial consultation

with our Treatment Coordinator, to discuss your dental health needs, any concerns and smile goals.


Digital 3D scan of your whole mouth

enabling us to monitor any changes to your teeth, gums and bite over time.


Digital photos

to assess your smile.


Medical history and medication check

as this is linked to your oral health.


Face and neck assessment

to check for any abnormalities.


Jaw joints check

for a range of movements, clicks or any pain that impact your ability to eat and chew comfortably.


Mouth cancer screening

to detect any early signs of concern.


Gum examination

to check for any bacterial plaque, tartar, gum recessions or gum disease. This can directly affect the longevity of your teeth and any dental restorations.


Digital X-rays

to assess your teeth, roots, and bone in areas that can’t be examined visually.


Teeth examination

to spot any signs of tooth decay, cracks or mobility.


Digital bite assessment

the way your teeth meet can affect your head and neck muscles, jaw joints, tooth wear and any existing dental work.


Tooth wear check

related to crowded or misaligned teeth. Worn teeth are often associated with increased sensitivity and other complications.


Examination of any existing dental work

to check for signs of leakage, cracks or wear.


We conclude your comprehensive digital oral health check with preventative advice and recommendations. If needed, we’ll provide you with a bespoke treatment plan, and an estimate of costs before booking your next appointment with us.

We’re here to help nervous patients

As many as 25% of people in the UK skip dental appointments because they feel anxious or nervous about visiting a dentist.

Triggers like needles, drills, or just being in a dental surgery can cause this stress. Yet, delaying or avoiding needed treatment can lead to more severe dental problems later on. At Highfield Dental & Facial Clinic, we're committed to helping nervous patients overcome their fears and to helping them to feel at ease about visiting our practice.

Nervous Patients
Dental hygiene

Time is never an issue, you never feel there's someone waiting in the waiting room.

Membership plans

Our dental membership plans are designed to help you achieve excellent oral health, with ongoing dental care that is accessible, high quality, and affordable.

With a single, budget-friendly monthly fee, our dental membership plans cover you for your routine dental check-ups, hygiene appointments, and a 10% discount on most standard dental procedures, so that you can feel good about your smile.

Membership plans

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Initial consultations for cosmetic dental treatments such as Invisalign or dental implants are completely free.

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