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Let’s talk about bacteria

Valentines day. A day for love. A day for romance. A day for kissing!

Everyone loves a kiss, but something we need to remember when we’re sharing saliva with another human being (especially one that you may not know very well) is that your mouth..well EVERYONES mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria.

A lot of this bacteria is good,it helps regulate the mouths natural environment and are beneficial to ones health, however there are bacteria that live in the mouth and saliva that can cause some nasty problems.

There are many conditions and diseases that are related and spread through the bacteria in saliva, however proper oral health care and oral hygiene habits that can help you protect against and reduce the effects of some of the harmful bacteria.

Because of the amount of bacteria in each person’s mouth, there is a transfer of bacteria through saliva when lip balm, drinks, toothbrushes, or anything else is shared. Some of these viruses that result are relatively inconsequential while others could potentially have a serious impact on one’s life. Some examples of the milder diseases passed through saliva include herpes simple virus (cold sores or canker sores), flu virus, cold virus, and various bacteria that cause periodontal disease (inflammation or infection of gum tissue), venereal diseases, and candida albicans (better known as oral thrush). Pretty romantic, right?

So now you’re asking yourself, “what can I do to prevent getting these nasty kiss related problems?”

Well here’s a few tips to keep you kissing fresh and healthy this Valentines day!

  • Brush… morning AND evening. It’s over night that the bacteria in your mouth feast on the sugars left on your teeth throughout the day, these bacteria then produce acid which eats away at your teeth. Meaning tooth decay. * TOP TIP * always try to angle your toothbrush towards the gum line when brushing,this will help keep your gums nice and healthy as bacteria likes to collect at the margin where your gum meets the tooth.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash as part of your daily routine.
  • Please don’t share things that go in or around your mouth with other people! Drinks, lipstick, definitely not toothbrushes. You’re asking for trouble if you do.
  • If you absolutely must kiss people you aren’t familiar with, it might be a good idea to take with you a little disposable toothbrush or miniature mouthwash to use once the kissing has stopped….it may not be the sexiest thing you’ve ever done, but a healthy mouth is a sexy mouth! And everyone likes a healthy mouth.

If you want any more advice, or to book an appointment please get in touch.

My visits to Highfield Dental and Facial Clinic have been very positive. All the staff are friendly and professional. I feel safe and 'listened to' when I am sat in the dentist chair. Treatment and costings are fully explained. Thank you Team.

Julie Cullen

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