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Why should you bother replacing a missing tooth?

74% of all adults have had one or more teeth extracted.

Tooth removal might be due to extensive decay, a severe crack or breakage or from issues with the gums causing a tooth to be uncomfortably loose.

Let me ask you, would you buy a piano with one or more of the keys missing… no? And why is that? Because it wouldn’t be working to it’s full potential, that’s why!

When you lose a tooth, there’s a few things that happen to your mouth following the removal that cause it not to work to it’s full potential.

  1. The bone that once helped to hold the tooth in starts to disappear over time.
  2. It also changes the shape of the gum that once held the tooth in place.
  3. Additional strain and pressure is then put on the surrounding teeth when eating
  4. Opposing teeth start to over erupt in order to try and fill the space, affecting the bite and position of the remaining teeth.

Here at Highfield Dental Care, removing a tooth is always the last resort, because we know the effect that this can have on the rest of the mouth.

If we do need to remove a tooth for any reason, we like to provide our patients with the most appropriate options to replace this tooth including dentures, porcelain bridges and state of the art implants.

Our teeth and the bone that holds them in place help to give our face the shape that defines us. Over time if you lose teeth and don’t choose to replace them, this can cause a sinking effect on your cheeks and change the your facial shape- this process only gets worse with time.

We want you to be able to keep your smile for many years to come and even if you already have one or more teeth missing (or the majority of your teeth missing!) we are here and ready to help.We understand that many people choose tooth removal over long or complex treatments due to dental phobia or being nervous of lengthy procedures, we have sedation solutions for you!

With affordable finances options available, your new smile is waiting just round the corner.

If you want to know what we can offer you, in a stress free setting, contact us today or book your appointment online. We offer free consultations with our treatment coordinator Alex, where she will explain the different treatments we offer and how they can benefit you.

My visits to Highfield Dental and Facial Clinic have been very positive. All the staff are friendly and professional. I feel safe and 'listened to' when I am sat in the dentist chair. Treatment and costings are fully explained. Thank you Team.

Julie Cullen

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